On June 24-25, 2022, Golden FX Link Capital (G-Link) successfully organized a financial exhibition at Aeon Mall Phnom Penh where thousands of people came across daily for entertaining and enriching the quality of life in this most renowned mall brand in the city. The main purposes of this exhibition were to raise public awareness of financial and derivatives market, to provide financial education, to show the most proper way for a safe and efficient trading, and to inject confidence into potential investors to begin their financial investment journey.

Our two-day event attracted and welcomed many visitors, and we committedly served our purposes by delivering beneficial financial knowledge, effortless investment startup, approachable investment consultation, all-around wealth creation support, and more. All of these were well presented through our agenda receiving high interest and pieces of appreciative feedback from the visitors. Moreover, every show-up visitor could also get excited by playing games to win prizes and enjoy other fun activities.

“It costs you zero cent to change your mindset thinking that learning financial investment is complicated and risky. However, without having financial literacy, your financial condition will never be easy and free. At G-Link, we side with the priority of educating our clients at no fee as we believe that it is the most encouraging starting point to create priceless values in the long run; it can be your own financial improvement, our business value creation, or our national economic development,” said Mr. Naoto Arase, Head of FinTech Department of G-Link.

Following the all-satisfied results of this financial roadshow, G-Link would like to express our profound gratitude and appreciation to all visitors and related parties who partook in making the two days full of benefits and meaning. To uphold our mission and reputation as Cambodia’s leading derivative broker, G-Link will stay progressive and trustworthy to our clients, Cambodia’s economic growth, and the world’s derivatives industry.