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① If you receive a message of “wrong username or password” during your login in the real account of Golden FX Link Capital Co., Ltd. trading platform, it means either the username or the password you entered is wrong.

4 simple steps:

  • Change server “Demo” to ” Live” to connect the REAL account.
  • Delete Number Login  and password in each column.
  • Check your  record to ensure the MT4 Account No. Login and MT4 login Password are correct, and then re-type the MT4 Account No. Login and MT4 login Password manually.
  • Do not copy and paste your the MT4 Account No. Login and MT4 login Password, in order to avoid unnecessary characters.


① You can reset your password online by submitting a reset password form to ​enquiry@goldenfxlink.com. A temporary password will be sent to your email, and you can change your password after login in. If you are still unable to reset your password, you can contact your personal Derivatives Representative or our customer service officer for further assistant.


Margin means a deposit of money required by the Company to be placed with the Company by the Client as a guarantee of performance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement by Client and include initial margin and maintenance margin.

Margin trading (leverage trading) is a common attraction in the foreign exchange market that allows you to operate an amount of trading that is greater than the one in your actual account. Margin trading can bring both positive and negative influences on your trading experiences due to the enlargement or magnification of the potential profit and loss. Therefore, foreign exchange trading that uses discretionary leverage may not be suitable to all clients

Please follow the simple steps in the “Market Watch Window” on the Golden FX Link Capital Co., Ltd. trading platform:

  • Click on “Buy” or “Sell” on the currency pairs that you intend to trade.
  • “Establish a market order” window will appear and simply update all the fields that are relevant to the market order that you are interested in, including items, sell/buy and quantity.
  • Click on “Confirm” to submit order and execute at your desired price.
  • Instructions will be available on the “Summary Window” once the order is executed, and you can manage your total holdings of such currency pair.

Stop and Limit prices will be set in the “Spot open” window according to the total holdings of each item. To establish a Stop or a Limit:

  • “Stop/Limit” window will appear and simply update all the fields that are relevant to the market order that you are interested in, including Stop/Limit prices.
  • Click on “Confirm” to submit your order that is waiting to be executed and it will be executed when the price reaches your Stop/Limit price.
  • After submission, instructions will appear on the Stop/Limit field until your trading position is closed

Open Account

The quickest method to open an account is through online application. You can start your trading within 2 hours if you open an online account and made deposits successfully.
Opening an account that is made simple and convenient in 3 simple steps:

  • Spending a few minutes to complete the online application form.
  • Print out and sign the application form (Client Agreement). Submit the Agreement with your identity card or other official supporting documents and deposit a minimum USD 2,000 to our cashier counter in our showroom.
  • Trading account details will be sent to your email after a confirmation call is made.

Golden FX Link Capital Co., Ltd. does not charge any fees on account opening.

The process is designed to make sure the client's information is authentic and effective, in order to prevent our clients from fraud. Golden FX Link Capital Co., Ltd. adopts different identification and verification checks to confirm the clients’ identity.

The photo identification documents issued by the government must indicate your name and date of birth, and accompanied with the client's agreement. Expired personal identification documents will not be accepted. However, if you’ve already had the permission to renew the expired identification, please submit the identity proof copy along with the relevant renewal documents.

An address proof is used to verify your address, registered in the trading agreement. Therefore, a residential address is strictly a must.

The statements provided must belong to the credit/debit card that is to be used to deposit your money to fund the said trading account. The statements must be recent (within the last 6 months), and must show the family and given names of the card holder, along with the 4 last digits of the card. The address on the statements must be the same with that on the application (P.O. Box will not be accepted). Your money will not be deposited until all of the required documents have been received and verified by Golden FX Link Capital Co., Ltd.

Driving License can’t proof the client’s identity.  You can use a valid ID Card or Passport to proof your identification, address and personal information.

Deposit & Withdrawal

We do not charge any fees for client deposits. We suggest that you contact your bank or its intermediary bank to understand if there are any possible charges.

Cash and bank transfer deposit is maximum processing in 2 hours, and Cheque deposit is maximum processing in 2 days.

Deposit of funds from any account other than those of the account holder’s account will be regarded as a “third party deposit”. This definition is also suitable for funds that are deposited to a company’s account from an individual’s account and its similar situation.

No, Golden FX Link Capital Co., Ltd. do not accept any third party deposits or withdrawals, other than those from the account holder. 

Golden FX Link Capital Co., Ltd. do not accept funds deposited through exchange institutions. Because these types of financial institutions are regarded as a “High-risk category”, in terms of money laundering activities. Any funds deposited via this method will be returned accordingly after we receive it.

Local wire transfer usually take 1 to 2 working days, whereas an international wire transfer will take roughly 3 to 5 working days. Please read the following charts in order to understand which transfers will be regarded as local transfer:

  • Local wire transfer, refers to the sender (applicant), wishing to send funds from his/her bank account, to the recipiant's bank account within the same jurisdicted area. Also referring to a local domestic bank transfer.
  • International wire transfer, refers to the sender (applicant), wishing to transfer funds to an overseas bank account (recipient) belonging to a different jurisdicted area. Also referring to an overseas wire transfer.

It is quick and easy to withdraw your money from Golden FX Link Capital Co., Ltd.
For the withdrawal of funds, please login to our customer service centre. Select a withdrawal method and then click on “submit” to proceed your online application. 
Alternatively, submit your withdrawal form to enquiry@goldenfxlink.com. Which we will process you application on priority basis, within 1 to 2 working days. 
If you have any questions, please contact your personal Derivative Representative or our customer service officers for assistance.

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