On May 26, 2022, Golden FX Link Capital (G-Link) launched an unprecedented program called “TokLonY” for the public, especially investors and traders who are interested in the derivatives industry and have constantly pursued new, effective trading skills.

TokLonY (Tokyo, London, and New York) Network of Phnom Penh is the champion of financial independence in Cambodia in this new era. This innovative program seeks to educate all attentive individuals who demand a high standard of trading excellence to create the best possible investment results by knowing the market secrets as well as how to make daily profits inside out. 

Mr. Naoto Arase, Head of Fintech Department of G-Link, said that, “Knowledge is the ultimate weapon for people to win any wars, and it also applies in the field of derivatives trading. Hence, we are very excited to bring you TokLonY Network of Phnom Penh to provide from-basic-to-deep training and comprehensive guidelines about derivatives investment, turning a new exciting page of financial history in Cambodia,”

“I would say that this program is to enable participants to obtain the latest details and in-depth knowledge about derivatives trading. It also includes valuable investment experience and advice from professional trainers, each of whom has thrown themselves into the market for not less than two decades. Generally speaking, it is always right to plan ahead, and with us, you will get our support in preparing for every step towards the success of your investment journey,” added Mr. Naoto Arase.

G-Link is optimistic about launching various educational and beneficial programs such as seminars, workshops, training courses, interviews, analysis articles, and live broadcasts, all manned by experienced experts. We set our sights on helping Cambodia to be one of the best investment markets in Asia and the world.